Does Keith Olbermann write logic textbooks for Pima County's community colleges?

If Fox News is a propaganda machine, then it misleads its viewers.
Fox News is a propaganda machine.
Therefore, Fox News misleads its viewers.

If you are a student in Pima Community College this year (southern Arizona, whose major city is Tucson), you’ll see this argument listed as an example of a hypothetical syllogism. (A syllogism having a conditional statement for one or both of its premises.)

You’ll see it in A Concise Introduction to Logic: Tenth Edition by Patrick J. Hurley of the University of San Diego. More to the point:

You’ll see it in a textbook used by a state community college system in a class that’s not supposed to have any ideological flavor to it. “Introduction to Logic” at Pima Community College shouldn’t have any hidden partisan slaps—-for anyone, liberal, conservative or Druid*. But this class does.

I wonder if Keith Olbermann has been writing on the side, under pseudonyms?

Sounds like a good subject for Arizona legislative hearings to me…

* Yes, we do have trees out here.