Art Jacobson, TucsonCitizen.com blogger, furthers meme that Tea Party is to blame for Gifford's shooting

Okay, here we go: Follow this link to “The Data Port”, written by Art Jacobson, a TucsonCitizen.com blogger. Art is a thoughtful guy, but very liberal.

Unfortunately, he has posted a link to and an excerpt from Joan Walsh’s Salon column, a column that implies that Tea Party rhetoric led to Giffords’ shooting. Art made no rebuttal to what Walsh said. I’m presuming that Art not only agrees with Walsh, but he’s trying to further the meme that the Tea Party is culpable for what happened yesterday.

For the record, the Tucson police commended the Tucson Tea Party during the 2010 campaign for its civility. Also, at least one person, presumably a union supporter, struck a Tea Party supporter at a Tea Party campaign event.

I’m sad to see Art doing this. Perhaps y’all might want to visit his site and comment?

FYI, national media is following TucsonCitizen.com and referencing its reporting. That’s unfortunate, because many of the TC.com bloggers write opinion. And, many are not above muckraking. MSM, please take note. You might want to think twice about what TC.com “reporters” you use as sources.