Ruth McClung Targeted By Brand New TucsonCitizen.com Blog

“Tucson Progressive” is one of the newest citizen bloggers that’s been added to TucsonCitizen.com. She’s only been on the “air” less than two weeks, and already she’s picked out a prime target—Ruth McClung.

What a coinky-dink. Ruth McClung starts making serious inroads against Raul Grijalva, in a district designed to favor a Democrat—and a new blogger pops up and starts unloading on her.

In the age of new media…there’s absolutely nothing wrong with that. TucsonCitizen.com hosts citizen blogs on virtually any subject. For the most part, the TC.com editors let you write what you want.

So, in a sense, I give the Dems credit. They see an opportunity to generate some buzz—or, in this case, help squash Ruth McClung’s momentum—-and they jump on it.

Is anyone out there seeing Congressional races that are being influenced by local bloggers? Especially, bloggers who just popped up on line during this election cycle? I’m curious to hear what y’all are seeing.

Meanwhile, if you want to help Ruth with your blog comments, you’re not only welcome—you’re encouraged—to go to TucsonCitizen.com, register as a commenter and weigh in. If you can make the leftys look bad, the independent and disaffected Democrats who read TC.com will see that.

What I think is happening here is this: The Tucson liberals are using the liberal-friendly bloggers to generate story ideas and talking points for the local media to pick up on. In the case of Ruth McClung, who needs to build momentum fast, the Dems would LOVE to see Ruth spending precious media time rebutting charges, instead of making her case. Ruth can’t be on offense if she has to be on defense.

Enter the liberal bloggers. They get the “buzz” going on a particular topic, the local media reports on the “buzz” (not the topic), the GOP candidate has to respond to the “buzz”—and the Democratic candidate uses the “buzz” and the distraction it creates as a smokescreen, behind which he squeaks through to reelection.

Sound familar?

If you want to know how you can help, send Ruth money, to pay for TV ads. If you can’t do that, come register on TC.com and comment. We have commenters from all over the world.

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