Calling on all conservative commenters---send some help to Tucson and "Fort Buckley"

Greetings, Redstaters—smagar here.

Some of y’all are aware that I run the “Fort Buckley” blog on TucsonCitizen.com. I think of it as a conservative outpost in liberal country. (Tucson is a pocket of blue in an otherwise very red state).

TucsonCitizen.com (or TC.com) is an online reincarnation of the old Tucson Citizen newspaper, which folded nearly two years ago. The new online version offers a platform for anyone to speak their mind. I started “Fort Buckley” because I wanted to use this platform to advance conservative ideals in the Tucson blogosphere.

I’m focusing on election-related topics in between now and November 2nd. TC.com has a lively comments section, populated mostly by leftys. Basically, anytime I or another conservative blogger post on a political topics, the Usual Suspect of lefty commenters swarm in on us. For the most part, we hold our own…but we could use some help.

Tucson is home to CD8, a swing district in this year’s election. IMO, the more voice we can give to conservative ideas in the Tucson area, the better it is for southern Arizona GOP candidates.

How can you help? Comment!

When you have some spare time, come over to TucsonCitizen.com. Sign up as a commenter, and weigh in to the chatter. Here’s a great opportunity to reach voters who are open to the conservative message, but don’t normally read Redstate or other conservative blogs.

Thanks to mbecker908, aesthete, ColdWarrior and others who have already pitched in. They survived the TC.com online experience—so can you!