Wait---I thought Republicans HATED Latinos? Apparently NM didn't get Dolores Huerta's memo...

Looks as if the Land of Enchantment might elect a—GASP—Hispanic Republican governor!

Republican gubernatorial candidate Susana Martinez’s lead over Democrat Diane Denish has grown to 10 points, and Martinez has also reached the all-important 50 percent threshold, according to a new poll conducted for her campaign. The poll, conducted Sept. 11-13, had Martinez leading 50 percent to 40 percent. The survey of 600 likely voters has a margin of error of plus or minus 4 percentage points. The poll was conducted by the GOP firm Public Opinion Strategies.

Dolores Huerta, BTW, is a liberal Hispanic activist. She became (in)famous by choosing to say, in a public forum in a Tucson high school, that “Republicans hate Latinos.” School and city officials later apologized.

Let’s see…Martinez in NM, Rubio in FL…not a good year for Democratic stereotypes, is it?

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Tucson is home to a very deserving GOP Congressional candidate, Jesse Kelly, in CD 8 against Gabrielle Giffords. Kelly needs attention, in order to take back a Republican-leaning district from a well-funded and local-media-supported Democratic incumbent. Kelly can win the seat, IF he gets help and IF the Republican and independent bases in CD 8 get out and vote. The sooner the better—early voting in AZ starts in early October.

The more Republican buzz we can generate in the Old Pueblo, the better it is for Jesse…

…and for Ruth McClung, the GOP candidate in CD 7 against Raul Grijalva. Ruth is doing surprisingly well in a supposedly-safe D district. Grijalva, BTW, is leader of the House Progressive Caucus. I’m just sayin…

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