THIS is objective reporting? MSM, is that what you think? Is that what you expect us to think?

If so, you’re stupid stupid stupid. (Emphasis added)

Palin headlines Va. rally alongside Allen, North

Associated Press
06/27/10 10:05 AM EDT NORFOLK, VA. — Sarah Palin is speaking at a Norfolk rally for conservatives, with two heroes of Virginia’s Republican right serving as warm-up acts.

The former John McCain running mate who bailed as Alaska’s governor to prosper politically and financially on the talk circuit speaks Sunday at Old Dominion University’s Ted Constant Center.

The star-spangled event starts at 6:30 p.m.

With her will be 1980s Iran-Contra figure and former Virginia Senate candidate Oliver North and former governor and U.S. Sen. George Allen. Allen lost his Senate seat in 2006 in a “Macaca” moment.

Allen has published a book for what Republicans say is a bid to win back his Senate seat from Democrat Jim Webb in 2012.

who bailed as Alaska’s governor to prosper politically and financially on the talk circuit.

Gee…does “bailed” sound like objective, professional language to you? It certainly doesn’t to me.

MSMers, if you’re still smarting from the Weigel incident, take note of this AP report.

The Associated Press, supposedly an objective arbiter of the news, writes stuff like this.

I don’t think the AP hires dumb people. Therefore, I have to conclude that (a) the reporter wrote this deliberately and (b) the AP’s editors de facto endorsed this article’s tone by allowing it to be published in this form.

Yet one more reason why we conservatives think that the MSM is openly in sympathy with Democratic party politics…and, what’s worse, it no longer cares to hide that ever-more-obvious fact.