If Palin is warming up to Kathleen Parker, that move is a bit too cute for me

Apparently, the Palins are now reaching out to Kathleen Parker. If they are…well, thanks for nothing, Sarah.

Y’all remember Kathleen Parker? The conservative columnist who, in the middle of the 2008 Presidential campaign made a oh-so-noble-but-totally-implausible call for Sarah Palin to drop out of the race—again, right in the middle of it!—because she wasn’t qualified. Palin was supposed to say that she’d decided to spend more time with Trig and Piper…and of course, everyone in American and international politics would accept that. Of COURSE they would… What a practical suggestion. Do it for your country!

Then, when a lot of us pointed out that Kathleen was selling a huge load of BS, she responded by playing the martyr. Literally.

Short break as writer ties blindfold and smokes her last cigarette.

Then, she started cashing in.

A full-time gig at the WaPo. A ride on Air Force One. New-found respect among the MSM. And, last but not least, a Pulitzer Prize.

Kathleen Parker was one of the loudest conservative pundit voices giving credibility to the Obamaphiles. She gave cover to the Palin-bashers. “If BS were currency, Palin could bail out Wall Street herself.” (Hat tip to Allahpundit). After all, if conservative writer Kathleen Parker was down on Palin, then you could be, too! Parker made Sarah-bashing chic.

And now, Todd Palin reaches out to Kathleen Parker. If I were Kathleen Parker (and her employers at the WaPo), I’d be laughing my backside off. I get my cake and eat it too.

For those people who shot back at Kathleen Parker, in defense of Sarah Palin, I wouldn’t blame them if they felt a bit let down. I do.