Ace is right: give no charity to people who don't deserve it

I got a chuckle out of this story on Gateway Pundit, which made it appear that President Obama needed a teleprompter to address an elementary school class.

Ace of Spades—the place where I saw the story originally—posted a clarification…as well as a retort that I think we should use, over and over again in the months ahead.

Update: Apparently the teleprompter was set up for a presser held afterwards. Still I’m inclined to show as much charity to Obama as the left gave to Bush i.e. none. And even if it was for a presser, needing a teleprompter is still kind of embarrassing. We’re talking about giving a prepared statement and answering a few questions here, not the Gettysburg Address.

I’m inclined to show as much charity to Obama as the left gave to Bush i.e. none.

BINGO! Two sides can play this game!

Remember President Bush’s “Mission Accomplished” speech on the deck of the Abraham Lincoln? How the Dems twisted that event into something it was never, ever intended to be?

Remember how the press chose to let those insinuations stand, with barely a challenge from reporters who knew better? (Apparently their loyalty to The One and disgust with Bush the cowboy overrode their professional responsibilities to keep their readers fully and accurately informed.)

Remember just this past week, when Chris Matthews embarassed Alan Grayson for saying foolish things? Imagine if a high-level MSM reporter or Sunday talk show host had aggressively challenged a liberal talking head who was mischaracterizing Bush’s speech. I bet a lot of that insinuating would have stopped in its tracks.

I remember those things, too. And so should you.

If I were you, I’d feel free to use that image of Obama in front of the teleprompter, and describe it this way: “Here’s the President, with his teleprompter, ready to address an elementary school class. The President uses the teleprompter to make sure he uses the right words, and it helps him stay on his prepared message.”

That’s accurate. I didn’t come out and say the President WOULD USE the teleprompter to address the kids. If I left that impression…oh well…

Now, I can go off and talk about something else. Meanwhile, the image stays in people’s minds, of a man who brings a teleprompter to an elementary school.

Unfair? Maybe. Do they deserve it? You betcha.

Let the OTHER side spend time correcting the record.

And, when the MSM rises up in uutrage over the misleading impressions this image conveys…ask politely but firmly how aggressively the MSM tried to correct the record about the “Mission Accomplished” speech.