Does anyone know if Brown has poll watchers lined up for Tuesday?

A great, great movie is Martin Scorcese’s Gangs of New York, a story about 19th-century New York City. I’m reminded of Boss Tweed’s bit of wisdom from the movie—it doesn’t matter how many people vote, what matters is who counts the votes.

I’m guessing (fearing, actually) that it will be mostly Democrats counting the votes on Tuesday.

And checking voter IDs (if they even do that in Massachusetts)

And running the polling stations.

And deciding which absentee ballots get counted and which ones don’t.

In a close election, where every vote counts, there are plenty of opportunities for chicanery.

So, I’m hoping that Scott Brown has MORE than enough poll watchers on standby for Tuesday morning. Along with plenty of alternative media, ready to broadcast ASAP any indications of voter fraud, or voter intimidation, or just plain chicanery.

Everyone needs to take cameras with them to the polls, especially if you’re an official poll watcher. Preferably, take a video camera. Make it known—well known—-that you’re watching, and you plan to report any tricks you see.

I’m heartened by all the police unions endorsing Brown. Perhaps that means the police will be less willing to support local election officials who make trouble for Brown voters and supporters on Tuesday…

Scott Brown campaign, I hope you are ready for Tuesday. If not, please get ready.