Once again, we conservatives get kicked in the teeth

Rush Limbaugh got treated unfairly, because no one—the NFL, the media—feel they have an obligation to treat him fairly. 

If you’re on CNN, what’s the downside of lying about Rush Limbaugh’s quotes?  A tut-tutting critique by The Cleaner Howard Kurtz on Reliable Sources?  After which, it’s all forgotten because The Word is out among the chattering class to drop it and move on.

Sadly, I think the NFL has sized us up well.  What can we do that will have an impact, really?

Stop watching the NFL?  Doubtful.

Turn in our season tickets? There are waiting lists of thousands of people, ready to buy them.

Complain about the obvious double-standard of Rush Limbaugh being too divisive to be a minority stakeholder in an NFL team, but Keith Olbermann is okey-dokey for all of us to watch every Monday night? 

We all know what’s going to happen.  The obliging, liberal, Limbaugh-hating sports media will ask Commissioner Goodell one or two questions on the subject.  He’ll dodge them, they’ll drop the matter, and that will be that.

They will expect us to suck it up.  They will pee on us in a way that would never happen to liberals.

And we are supposed to take it.

If anyone can think of an effective way to respond, I’m all ears.  I’m tired of being peed on and being told it’s the rain. 

It’s one thing for Hollywood to do it.  But…the NFL???!!!

What can we boycott?  What subscriptions can we cancel?

I hope Limbaugh sues.  Who cares if he only gets a dollar in judgements?  Maybe he can bankrupt a few of those jerks.  And make a lot more sweat, at the thought of a man with millions to spend on legal fees and a score to settle gunning for them.

Who can he sue?  Rick Sanchez?  Commissioner Goodell, for his comments?*  The Pulitzer Prize winning journalism professor on MSNBC?

Yes, I know this suit won’t go anywhere.  But the thought of forcing Roger Goodell to sit through a deposition makes for fine schadenfreude, IMO.