Why can GOP staffers respond to Redstaters' comments on their bosses' front page stories here?

Ref. mbecker’s RedHot today about GOP leaders’ drive-by/drive-away-and-don’t-look-back postings here…I agree to some extent with mbecker.

Sorry for not putting this in the comments section of the appropriate Redhot diaries—those comments are closed (for now).

I certainly want the leadership to keep posting here.  That adds value to this site, and it gives us a chance to respond directly to GOP leadership’s thoughts and opinions.  Maybe the leaders won’t see our responses—but other Redstaters will, and the staffers for those leaders should read those comments.

Here’s a recommendation; establish this policy:  Make it known to a GOP leader that, once he posts on Redstate, we expect the courtesy of some responses from his staff.  No, the staff doesn’t have to answer every comment, and they certainly can ignore the trolls. 

But, I don’t think it’s unfair to ask for some feedback from someone in the rep’s office.  If they’re too busy to have a staffer reply to our comments, then IMO we should politely recommend they post elsewhere.

My 0.02…