To what extent does Palin have to pay those legal bills herself?

From what I can tell, Palin’s legal bills stemming from this incessant stream of ethics charges are over half a million dollars. If she has to pay those bills herself, instead of the state of Alaska, IMO that’s reason enough to quit.

So, in the interest of helping to focus the discussion, what’s the answer to this question: Is Sarah Palin personally responsible for seeing that those bills get paid?

Here are some thoughts on the subject:

1. So what if she has a lucrative book deal?

Where does anyone get off saying that Palin should be expected to spend huge amounts of her money from a book deal on lawyers? It is HER money. Same goes for her earnings on the speaking trail.

2. Does anyone think this string of endless ethics complaints is going to end anytime soon?

I’m confident that Alaska Dems have a string of complaintants lined up, all ready to go. Funding those complaints isn’t an issue—I’ll bet Soros has a branch office in Juneau by now. The Alaskan government and press—all loyal Democrats first, Alaskans last I’ll bet—aren’t going to put a stop to this. If I were her, I wouldn’t want to sit still for another 18 months and have all the life sucked out of me by these Soros-funded leeches.

3. Why should we EXPECT her to rely on a Legal Defense Fund?

Some commentators make the idea of a Sarah Palin Legal Defense Fund sound so simple: Open up the fund and waves of cash will come flooding in!!! Is it really that simple? Does Palin have people who can run such a fund full-time? Does she have lawyers and staff who can fight off the inevitable lawsuits/ethics allegations/legal challenges the Dems will mount, in an effort to throw a monkey wrench in the legal fund’s gears? Can she be sure she’ll earn enough money to pay her current legal bills, plus the extra ones the Dems will certainly run up? If there aren’t easy enough answers for this, I can’t blame her for leaving office early.

4. Can she count on the Alaskan government and MSM giving her relief?

I’ll answer that question—NO! It’s been apparent for several months not that Palin’s political opponents are using the ethics charges process to harass and potentially bankrupt her. Has the legislature stepped in? Has the Alaskan MSM spoken up forcefully? Apparently, no and no. Apparently a fair number of Alaskans feel that Sarah should just stay silent and pay. Well, I think that exceeds the duty requirements of any public servant.

If Alaskans won’t back Sarah, then I don’t blame her for moving on.

The floor is open, fellow Redstaters….what are your thoughts?

Happy Fourth of July