GO MOE, GO!!!! Let the thing be pressed

Sorry, this will be short—but you posted your bit about Politico’s attempt to whitewash Playboy’s you-know-what list in a Redhot.  This is really a comment…but you can’t comment in Redhots.   So…anyhoo.

I am so VERY glad that you don’t plan to let this drop.  Enough is enough.

If we stand here and let them slap our faces, and all we do is turn the other cheek…at some point we stop being people and we start being sheep.

We need to talk about this…a lot.  I hope you can get this onto Hannity and O’Reilley. 

IIRC, Amanda Carpenter is a regular on Reliable Sources with Howard Kurtz on CNN. While I think Howard’s a clear liberal, I don’t think he appreciates this kind of gutter “journalism,” and wouldn’t mind embarassing Playboy a bit if given the chance.

What’s say Amanda talks about what it feels like to be singled out for revenge sex in an internationally-read publication, because she views the world differently from Guy Cimbalo? I’ll bet Howard wouldn’t mind humiliating Playboy in public for a bit. Let’s give him the chance.

As for “let the thing be pressed”—on the road to Appomattox, Grant sensed that Lee’s forces might break if he pressed the Union attack against them. Grant sent a note to Lincoln that read: “If the thing is pressed, I think Lee will surrender.”

Lincoln’s timeless reply: “Let the thing be pressed.”