Keep talking about Obama's bow to the Saudi King

We need to keep talking about it.  And talking about it.  And talking about it.

The media wants to drop it.  They don’t see it as a big deal.

For us, when we see the American flag, our eyes well with tears of pride.  For today’s typical MSM reporter, the sight of our flag makes his eyes roll in disdain. 

The president of the US is our flag, in the flesh.  He represents us.  When he’s overseas, he embodies us.

Barack Obama bowed and groveled while overseas, representing us. And the MSM could care less.  Why?

I think it’s because they aren’t as passionate for our country as we are.

For many MSM reporters, reared in an Ivy League culture that sees patriotism as passe’, or a sign of faulty breeding,  America is just an address, a place to hang your hat in a global society.  It’s also a place whose flaws they feel compelled to sheepishly explain to the Europeans whose approval they covet.

For us, it’s a source of inspiration and pride. It makes us want to flaunt the American flag patches on the sleeves of our ACUs—the ones immediately above the combat patches we won freeing Kuwaitis, Bosnians and Iraqis. 

Our MSM wants to cover for Obama by burying his bow in other news. 

Why aren’t they angry?  Why aren’t they demanding that the president defend why he dipped Old Glory. For, when he bowed to King Abdullah, that’s what he did?

I’ll tell you why?  It’s no big deal to them. 

Well, it’s a big deal to us.  I hope we keep talking about it.  Someone needs to care.  And that someone is apprarently us.