Should Dick Cheney be quiet? No, No and No again

I won’t put links in this diary, because I’m pretty sure most of the regular readers of this blog know what I’m referring to:  an article in The Hill which said that some House Republicans want Dick Cheney to mute his critcism of the Obama administration.  Their concern:  Cheney is so unpopular that his image drags down the image of the Republican Party nationwide.

I look at it differently.  If some of our House Republicans are so gunshy that they don’t want Dick Cheney out there saying the things that need to be said…then we might need some new House Republicans.

We will be totally out of power until January 2011 at the earliest.  That gives us time to speak to the American people, and tell them things that the New Tone Bush 43 White House wouldn’t tell them.

Cheney is willing to say things that need to be said.  Things that will, eventually, sink in with a large percentage of the American people.

Things like:

  • Obama’s policies and people (e.g. “Reset Button” Hillary) are encouraging despots and terrorists.
  • It’s better to have people be intimidated by you and leave you alone, then think you’re warm and cuddly and a pushover. 
  • Those wonderful European allies whom Obama wants to kiss up/apologize to are military wet noodles.  You know it, I know it, the enemy knows it, and the Dems/media won’t say it because they crave those Davos invites.

Dick Cheney is a compelling, inspiring figure.  Once he’s allowed to speak freely, I’m convinced many Americans will agree.  I also think that, as more and more Americans come to respect and admire Cheney the way we do, those Americans will take a second, more critical look at the institutions (Dems, media) who’ve demonized him these past four years.  And I’ll bet the Dems/media don’t fare well under that re-examination.

Case in point:

  • When Robert Gibbs was asked about Cheney’s comments that Obama’s policies were making America less safe, Gibbs replied that Cheney was part of some Republican “cabal.”  That’s the best Gibbs could do?  If so, let’s give him many, many more opportunities to cement his image as a dolt.
  • When Steve Kroft asked Obama about Cheney’s comments, Obama gave a dismissive but empty reply.  Many people noticed.

Now that Cheney is free from the shackes of New Tone, Turn-The-Other-Cheek Bush 43, he can say what needs to be said.  He can expose the Potemkin nature of much of Obama’s world and national security vision.  He can be our siege artillery, relentlessly and effectively pounding away at the Obama house of cards.

He can help America cut through the cloud of Hopium (h/t John Kass) that the media has blown up, to obscure the many, many failings of the Chosen One.

Let Cheney be Cheney.