Another plank for the GOP 2010 platform: We will NOT disregard the Constitution

Remember the Dems’ plan to give DC a voting seat in the House?  One of the many objections raised to that—the US Constitution doesn’t allow for that.

Now,Powerline points out another interesting tidbit of Democratic Party respect for our Constitution: an article that points out that the provision in Porkulus that allows state legislators to bypass their governor and accept Porkulus money is most likely unconstitutional.

To do so would defacto nullify a state law—presuming, that is, that the state’s laws and constitution don’t already permit the legislature to just go over the governor’s head to the US Congress.

IIRC, the Constitution has never been interpreted in a manner where the US Congress can casually override state laws. 10th Amendment, anyone?

Either the Dems didn’t know that…or they don’t feel they need to waste time with following the US Constitution.

I think most Americans like our Constitution. I think they’d be disturbed with the mounting evidence of a party that just disregards it. Especially if that party controls all the levers of US elected government.

Disturbed people vote for change.