Rush---invite David Frum on your show

Obviously, the Dems are looking for ways to divide the Republicans, so we can’t mount an effective response to Obamanomics, Obama health care, Obama…well, everything.  In the Army, we call this a “spoiling attack.”  You attack your enemy, but your goal is NOT to destroy or even defeat him with one blow.  Your goal is to disrupt him so much that he can’t effectively attack YOU.  Think of Chamberlain’s charge down Little Round Top, and you’ll get the idea.

Rush, one way you can defuse this “controversy” within the GOP ranks is by inviting your most vocal conservative critic—David Frum—onto your show.

If you invite Frum onto your show, here are the benefits I see:

1) You make a public effort to unite the conservative movement.

2) You force Frum to deal directly with you.  How can he turn down an invite from you?  I suspect he’ll find it a lot harder to throw rocks at you when he knows you’re right across the table, or on the other end of the phone line.   If Frum DOES decide to totally trash you on the air….well, you can handle it.  AND, he becomes the next Kathleen Parker….and I suspect Frum knows that.

3) You create an opportunity for both of you to articulate the common ground among you.  I suspect that much more unites you than divides you, in terms of ideas and goals.  On places where you disagree—well, agree to disagree and move on.

4) You and Frum can BOTH, on the air, take shots at Emmanuel and Begala and Carville, and the rest of the Dem PR team (Stephanopolous?)

5) If Frum refuses, he looks like a coward and opportunist.

One of the great benefits of a “spoiling attack”—it allows you to seize and maintain the initative.  When you have the initiative, the other guy has to react to you.  You call most, if not all, of the shots.

I don’t think Frum is a Democratic tool, a Manchurian pundit (so to speak).  He really doesn’t like a lot of what you say.

BUT, Reagan transformed American with big tent conservatism, not little tent.  We need more people inside that tent.

While you’re not our party’s leader, you are the ringmaster of conservatism at the moment.  You’re the conservative movement’s most influential public figure.  As the ringmaster, you don’t own the tent, but you guide what goes on inside it.

So, invite David Frum in.  The best circuses are the ones with all kinds of animals in them, under one roof. 

And don’t forget—you hold the bullhorn.  And the whip