I don't want to be friends with these people; I want to shame them

There are two articles on Powerline today that caught my attention, for—in my mind at least—they’re related.

This one is about the execrable Will Ferrell play about George Bush. (Did you know that the play shows a graphic of a penis? Unfortunately, because I read this article, I now know. Forgive me, but if you’ve read this far, so do you.)

This one is a story by a former writer for Wired magazine. He went undercover as a Wal-Mart employee—and came away liking the company a lot.

The same kind of people who like Will Ferrell’s play hate Wal-Mart. After reading both Powerline articles, I feel compelled to shout that I want to have nothing to do with that kind of people. I consider them to be weak people and failed American citizens.

Andrew Breitbart, are you listening?  Please make the case that we have to deal with such people, no matter how much we’d prefer not to.

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I’m a big fan of Breitbart’s Big Hollywood blog. I agree with much of what he says, to include the part about conservatives needing to be more active in cultural media—movies, TV, etc.

I think Breitbart is right, in his assertion that our culture is being corroded by the left. And, one of the biggest corrosives is the left’s control of the content of movies, TV shows, and plays.

But, I hope Breitbart keeps this in mind: IMO, one reason conservatives have decoupled from today’s media environment, is that we’re repulsed by the people who are driving it.

In my opinion, this play shows Will Ferrell to be a failed person. Only a failed person would put something together like this. Only a failed person would go to a play this mean, this juvenile and find enjoyment in it.

(Full disclosure: I have not seen the play, and have no plans to. I am basing my assessment on reviews by conservatives. I will revise my opinion if I see a positive review of it from a source I trust—but something tells me there’s little chance that I’ll have to issue a mea culpa.)

I want nothing to do with such people. IMO they’ve abrogated their responsibilities as adults and as American citizens. Our Founding Fathers invested American voters with the duty to behave and choose responsibly.

I shudder to think what the spririt of Jefferson thinks as he gazes upon the set of Will Ferrell’s play, or Real Time With Bill Maher.

I submit that many conservatives have turned their back on popular media because we want nothing to do with people like these. We dread the thought that our children might grow up like them.

These people derive a not-insignificant measure of their self-worth from mocking others. Their motto should be “I Mock [insert name of Wal-Mart, George Bush, Dick Cheney, etc…], so Therefore I Am.”

How pathetic. What failures. Frankly, I fear being contaminated if I spend any real time with people like these.

Andrew, as you move forward with Big Hollywood, you should emphasize the importance of dealing head-on with people like Will Ferrell and Bill Maher and Matt Damon and Ashley Judd and Ben Affleck.

There is a natural human predisposition to shun failed people like the ones I’ve just listed. To not want to spend time in a world contaminated by their presence.

But, we must steele ourselves and wade in there. We must take on and deal with the Damons and Ferrells and Mahers. For they are corroding the world we live in

And, this is the only world we have.