Breaking news: Lyrics to MSM drinking song for 2008 election just discovered

Warning: Language alert if you follow the links

Over the years, Iowahawk has found many interesting rough drafts of liberal and Democratic writings with just a wee bit of dumpster diving.

Inspired by his example, I decided to do some of my own exploring, in the rubbish left over from the post-election party of a major MSM organization. (Said organization will remain nameless because they have many lawyers and I have none.)

I was hoping to find something as juicy as the text of a speech about how much the MSM hates the blogosphere.

I did better than that. Much better.

It seems that reporters and editors, in their unguarded communal moments, like to sing.

Here is my transcription of what appears to be a sheet of lyrics, which was probably passed around to all the partygoers for a sing-along.

(Sung to the tune of “Bless ’em All”)Hide Them AllHide them all, we’ll hide them all! Obama misdeeds, big and small.He’ll threaten the coal plants and we’ll just applaud.We’ll overlook voter and credit card fraud.”I’LL USE PUBLIC FUNDING!”, he cried! A promise that suddenly died.We’ll hush that up, brothers, plus many, many others.For Ba-RACK, we’ll hide them all!

There are other verses here. Once the Thunderbird stains fade, I may be able to make them out.

But, in the meantime…

Redstaters, can you think of some other verses that would go well with this song?

Think of it—it can be our gift to the MSM.

They can sing it when they want to commemorate their most glorious moment as an American insitution of public service: their partisan combat in the 2008 election. Much as Union Army veterans sang “Marching Through Georgia” (sorry, Erick).

Feel free to use the comments section to add your own recommend lyrics.

In the spirit of the Linux operating system, let’s all pitch in to make this song better!