Can we pressure The Atlantic to sue Jill Greenberg?

Remember Jill Greenburg? The Hollywood photographer who took pictures of John McCain on behalf of The Atlantic magazine?

She then turned those photographs into disgusting caricatures of McCain. My “favorite” was the picture of an ape, deficating on the head of a true American hero.

The Atlantic professed to be shocked, shocked that Greenburg would be so unprofessional.

They sent reps on TV to express their outrage!

They said they would refuse to pay her for the session! (Although, I suspect that Greenburg won’t miss the cash. This stunt just made her much more marketable in Hollywood).

And, finally, The Atlantic said it was contemplating a lawsuit.

Did they go through with it? I don’t think so?

Is there any way we can help them along? Let’s hear your ideas.

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The Atlanticis undoubtedly hoping this whole thing goes away. I’ll bet THE LAST thing it wants to do is sue Greenburg.

That would be biting the hand that feeds the magazine.

I submit, though, that we not let this matter go so easily.

An honorable news organization wouldn’t let Greenburg slip away. It would exact some payback for what Greenburg did to a great American.

We should remind The Atlantic of that.

We should ask them, frequently, what’s the status of a lawsuit.

We should demand an answer. If they decide not to pursue legal action, we should press for a formal, public explanation from the magazine’s editors and publisher.

Then we should fisk the bejeezus out of that “explanation.”

IMO this is precisely the kind of pressure we can place on the MSM after this election.

The MSM knows it was way in the tank for Obama in this election. It also knows its circulation is sinking almost as fast as the public’s trust in it.

Case in point: This weekend, Deborah Howell ran her second ombundsman article in a row on the perception of MSM bias.

They’re hoping we’ll let them slip away and repair their image.

I say we keep poking holes in their leaking boat, and interfere when they try to patch the leaks that have already sprung.

Erick, is this something Redstate can do? Are there better ways to do it?

The floor is open for ideas.