MSM---I triple dog dare you to ask Bill Ayers this question

Bill Ayers is on a national book and self-rehabilitation tour. I caught part of his tour today at the gym, while Good Morning America was interviewing him.

In the interview, Ayers was portraying himself as just one of many misunderstood but well-meaning Vietnam War protesters. Just a poor fellow who the McCain campaign and those nastry right-wingers grossly mischaracterized.

Then, why did he try to kill high-school age kids?

Some reporter should ask him, don’t you think?

Remember the Weather Underground hideout that blew up, while some of Ayers’ colleagues were building a bomb?

IIRC, the bomb was destined for FT Dix.

FT Dix was not, and is not now, a home of powerful people who start and direct wars.

During Vietnam it was a basic training base. It was the home of young men who were going off to fight that war. Many of them were there unwillingly—they’d been drafted.

Why kill them?

Shouldn’t some reporter ask Ayers that?