Here's how John McCain, you and I are all different from The One

This will be a short diary. It doesn’t need to be long.

You’ve all seen the reports about Barack Obama’s aunt living in squalor. No need to link them here.

I think about those reports as I look at my five-bedroom house.

Now, my family and I don’t need five bedrooms. But my parents might.

Read on.

There are three humans in the Smagar household. A three-bedroom house would suit us just fine.

But our house has five bedrooms. One of which is on the ground floor, a short walk from a bathroom and the kitchen.

Don’t get me wrong—we bought the house in part because we love the views and the location.

But another big part of the reason why we bought it—if, down the road, one or both sets of parents need to come live with us, now they can.

In fact, if they needed to come live with us NOW, they could. It would make for a crazy house, but we’d make do.

They’re family.

Contrast John McCain opening his house to an orphan from Bangladesh, with Barack Obama.

Don’t you guess there’s at least ONE spare bedroom in that house that Obama lives in with Rezko’s help?

That’s all…