Memo to the American Jewish Community: If you want to make amends...

I, for one, tire of the many snubs the American Jewish community routinely throws at Republicans, conservatives and evangelical Christians.

If my ethnic and spiritual homeland had the nickname of being the “one-bomb” state, I’d think twice about snubbing the allies I did have.

I, for one, consider the rude disinviting of Sarah Palin one more in a long line of snubs.

If the American Jewish community holds any misperception, that we unsophisticated Christianists on the right haven’t noticed these snubs, let me dispel them. We have noticed, and (for me, at least), it’s really starting to rankle.

I don’t like being taken advantage of. (I’ll explain why I feel that way in just a second).

But, if you wish, there are some concrete things you can do to make amends for treating Governor Palin so rudely. (I’ll lay those out in a second, too).

Khruschev once called Berlin the “testicle” of the West. Anytime he wanted to make the West wince, he boasted, he squeezed on Berlin.

If I may be blunt: Israel is the testicle of the United States. If Arabs—or anyone—squeezes on it, America winces.

Why? Because we are decent people. We will not turn our back on Israel. We will fight for it if necessary.

IMO, the Second Gulf War—or, Operation Iraqi Freedom—is a fight that America is waging, in large part, because Israel exists, and because Americans will fight on its behalf.

IMO, if Israel did not exist, George W. Bush could have found a way around the threat Saddam Hussein posed, short of open war. We could have used sanctions, bombing, etc…if we only needed to keep Hussein in his box.

But, deep down, we knew that Hussein—Saddam, or Uday or Qusay—wouldn’t strike at America. They’d strike at Israel instead.

They did it in 1991. Remember the SCUD strikes on Israel in Gulf War I? I do. Israel wasn’t a belligerent at that point…but no matter. Hussein struck at them because he could.

Again IMO, because he was concerned for Israel’s safety, George W. Bush reasoned that the only option he really had to deal with Hussein was to remove him.

Result: More than 4,000 American dead. And, many of those dead are drawn from the same conservative-leaning, Christian-heavy parts of American society that many American Jews seem eager to look down upon.

We’ve noticed.

So, American Jewish community, if you really care about showing your gratitude to the American political party that is the least likely to leave Israel to the tender multilateral mercies of the United Nations, there are some things you can do:

1) Flip a traditionally blue big state into the Republican column this year. How about Pennsylvania?2) In a state with a large percentage of Jewish voters, elect an underdog Republican to the Senate. How about Frank Lautenberg’s opponent in NJ?3) Elect a Republican to Congress in one of the close Congressional races. How about you go to RealClearPolitics, find a close Congressional race in PA or NJ or NY or FL, and elect the Republican.

These are all things you can do. Or, you can blow us off again.

Either way…we will notice.

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