If we can't sing Heart's "Barracuda," then let's build...er write our own!

I remember a story about why Wal-Mart created its own soft drink brands. As the story went, Pepsi and Coca-Cola tried to gouge Sam Walton. Sam responded by making his own soft-drink brand for sale at Wal-Marts.

If Hasbeen…er, Heart won’t let the GOP use their song titled “Barracuda,” then fine. We can write our own.

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We have John Rich, of Big and Rich and the author of “Rasing McCain,” to write it.

We have Sarah Palin and/or Gretchen Wilson to sing it.

If we need narrations to go along with it, we have Kelsey Grammer and Powers Boothe and Gary Sinise and Robert Davi.

What more do we need?

Has Heart copyrighted the word “barracuda?” I doubt it. Fine, then.

Let’s write our own song about Sarah Barracuda. I’ll bet it will be much more popular than Hasbeen’s version.

Let the signal be given. Unleash hell.

That’s all.