How soon they forget...

I like how Democrats play this out like gloom and doom, trying to blame Republicans for all this mess we are in now. How soon we forget what got us into this situation… let’s watch so we can hear the words from those in Congress over the past few years.


Pay attention to the 5:30 mark… listen to the BONUSES given by Fannie/Freddie during the time when they were paying people to lobby for them… AND paying people not to lobby for them — the opposition couldn’t hire them to lobby against the GSEs.

Anyway, only 37% of the public think like the far left Democrats and only 64% of Democrats support it.

A whopping 78% believe the plan will not stimulate the economy at all…

Did I mention fraud at Fannie Mae to get bonuses? What about bonuses as late as September 2008?

But Democrats will not acknowledge any of it, much less provide references to the contrary.