Unions are NOT Repairing the World

There’s no easier way to guilt a Jewish person into supporting progressive causes than the “Bad Jew” card.  Unfortunately, for Progressives anyway, history proves that their twisted version of Tikkun Olam has rendered them the guilty party– at least when it comes to favoring the will of the collective over the rights of the individual.

The philosophy of Tikkun Olam, or repairing the world, actually has more to do with de-bureaucratizing government than it does with turning government into the savior of humanity.  To the ancient sages, too much government resulted in chaos.  But history doesn’t matter to most progressives who, like Ezra Klein, think something is outdated as soon as it hits 100.  (So much for electricity.  I mean, sure, you can blog with it, but all that carbon …making plants grow…everywhere…that’s crazy!)

Progressives argue that a key aspect of Tikkun Olam is favoring the collective over the individual.  In the interest of putting others first, Progressives have re-interpreted Biblical teaching through a Marxist lens.   Ironically, Biblically speaking, Jewish collectivism has clamored for a return to slavery, sought to empower kings, was cool with being governed by corruption, and slandered, ostracized, evicted, and even stoned the only individuals who tried to get them out of their own collective mess.  (So much for trying to be your brother’s keeper.)

The Socialists stomping their feet outside of FreedomWorks may be looking to make the world a better place, but history proves their means don’t justify their ends. 

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