Vodka Shots @ the Negotiating Table

You’d be surprised what a little shot of vodka can do.  At least, that’s what the creepy old dude (no, not George Soros, some other guy whose name I do not know because pMSNBC has a thing against using lower thirds to actually tell you the name of Joe Scarborough’s guests) just quipped with Mika “My dad is the Cold War relic who advised Carter and his modern-day counterpart Obama” Brzezinski on “Morning Joe.”

First off, any normal news agency would view the discussion of the START Treaty to be somewhat compromised by the presence of the current National Security Advisor’s daughter.  I wonder, is Mika going to be suspended now, or will she retain her position because her donations were in shots (a currency still more valued that the ruble)?

This guy’s massively brilliant academic conclusion: If START doesn’t get ratified, America looks like she can’t conduct foreign policy.  Yes, that’s right; nuclear defense has been boiled down to a case of the Tortoise and the Hare, never giving up because it is better to be last than to turn your back on a bad business deal.

To top it all off, Mr. Vodka Shots Academia described Putin as a “former Communist turned Nationalist.”  Hm.  Where have I heard of one of those before?  Wait– let’s ask the old British PM Neville Chamberlin; I’m pretty sure he entered into a START of his own with someone like that–a treaty that promised “peace in our time.”

What the heck is in that Vodka?


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