An Outbreak of Common Sense in Texas

In what will hopefully become the first of many, a North Texas school district will allow teachers and staff to carry concealed weapons in order to protect the students and themselves. Here are three points from the article that gun advocates have been trying to explain for years:

1) Proper Training:

“In order for teachers and staff to carry a pistol, they must have a Texas license to carry a concealed handgun; must be authorized to carry by the district; must receive training in crisis management and hostile situations and have to use ammunition that is designed to minimize the risk of ricochet in school halls.”

2) Gun Free Zones Are Advertised Targets:

“When the federal government started making schools gun-free zones, that’s when all of these shootings started. Why would you put it out there that a group of people can’t defend themselves? That’s like saying ‘sic ’em’ to a dog”

3) When Anyone Could Be Carrying, Criminals Are More Reluctant To Attack:

“It was unclear how many of the 50 or so teachers and staff members will be armed this fall because Thweatt did not disclose that information, to keep it from students or potential attackers.”

Superintendent David Thweatt deserves a medal, and I sincerely hope that a freak accident does not occur, marring the potential for future implementations of this policy across the country.