Women in Combat ? Bring It On !!

Why is it that Republicans and Conservatives constantly fail to engage on this issue? Liberals and their social experiment playbook rely on one premise, which they use repeatedly, that being, the exception creates the rule. This is why today’s Police and Fire Departments are open to women recruits. Same goes for our Military. Since the issue of women in combat is raised every so often, it is time to call the bluffs of these social experimenters.

My proposal is that Combat Units comprised of all Female and all Gay ( they can serve openly now, right ? ) Soldiers, Sailers and Marines be formed and trained. When a combat situation arises, these Units are to be sent in, to battle the enemy on land, sea or in the air. You know, the way the Men did in WWI, WWII, Korea and Vietnam. Their combat effectiveness would then be measued against that of the all Male Units. Same goes for our Police and Fire Departments. Let’s have all Female/Gay Swat Teams and Fire Trucks “manned” by an all Female Fire Team.  

If this were the prerequiste to be faced by Police, Fire and Military recruits, how many Females would still apply ? Too many women ( and men ) today see the Military as just another Government job with good Benefits. But those Females who continued on to become combat trained and combat ready would be welcomed as the equal of any man. Isn’t that what the Femnists and Social Experimenters seek ?

Actually, its not. That is why physical standards and fitness requirements have been lowered across the board for all of these jobs. The Navy “experimented” with women fighter pilots. They found, ( though not widely reported ) that women had a disproportionally high crash rate, especially when trying to land on an Aircraft Carrier. The result was several Billion dollars in wrecked fighter jets and several dead Female pilots.

It’s a proven fact that our Creator, ( Evolution for you Atheists ) made Man and Woman to be different, and to assume different roles in life. They were made to compliment one another, not to be interchangable. If anyone has doubts, they can page through any Human Anatomy book.