Ted Cruz is already laying the groundwork for a 2020 presidential run...

Other than the announcement that he will be a guest speaker at next week’s GOP Convention, Ted Cruz has been for the most part conspicuously absent from the political conversation since he suspended his campaign in May.

However, behind the scenes Cruz is already laying the groundwork for a presidential run in 2020.  According to an article from National Review,  Cruz has already made significant changes to his Senate staff, and is forming two new political non-profit organizations in preparation for another run at the White House.

Behind closed doors Cruz has been supervising the vast expansion of his electoral enterprise, integrating the operations of his campaign team — policy, political, financial — in an effort to harness his newfound national following with an eye on 2020……

Central to these plans is the creation of two new affiliated nonprofits, their names to be announced in the coming days, which will effectively keep Cruz’s political machinery humming over the next four years. These groups, one a 501(c)3 and the other a 501(c)4, will be responsible for everything from championing Cruz’s legislative priorities to maintaining his donor database and coordinating his early-state travel. They will be an outgrowth of Cruz’s existing campaign apparatus, the nucleus of which has remained active in the aftermath of his departure from the race on May 3.

Key to the staff changes is David Polyansky who will become Cruz’s new Senate chief of staff.  Polyansky, a former senior strategist to both Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker and Iowa Senator Joni Ernst, replaces Paul Teller, who will now become senior advisor for the non-profits, and assisting Teller will be Mark Campbell, the former campaign director of Cruz’s 2016 presidential run.  Campbell will serve as executive director and board chairman of the new non-profits.

The establishment of the new non-profits, plus the re-alignment of his staff, should leave no doubt of what Cruz’s future intentions are.  According to National Review….

The moves send a clear signal, if there was any doubt, that Cruz, the runner-up for this year’s Republican nomination, is preparing for another run in 2020. Polyansky, an attorney and former Marine, has extensive experience in electoral politics and none on Capitol Hill. Indeed, his only legislative stint came in the 1990s, when he served as chief of staff for the late at-large Houston city councilman Joe Roach. Polyansky says he objects to “the mindset of Washington that you have to work on the Hill or have 25 years of legislative experience.” He believes his time working on campaigns across the country — and living in Texas, among Cruz’s constituents — gives him a “unique” understanding of how people view government beyond the
the beltway. “Hopefully, I bring a little more to the table than just a political background,” he says.

This is welcome news.  Unfortunately the next four years will be a long wait.  May they pass quickly.