Stanford graduate Carly Fiorina roots for Iowa in the Rose Bowl

Desperate times call for desperate measures, and with the Iowa Caucuses approximately one month away, Carly Fiorina gave political pandering a new definition of pathetic.   Or does the term pitiful sound more appropriate?

Floundering in the IA polls and with virtually no chance of winning the GOP nomination, Stanford graduate Fiorina sent this message on Twitter Friday afternoon in a futile attempt to woo support among the Iowa caucus goers.


Love my alma mater, but rooting for a Hawkeyes win today.

Naturally the response on Twitter to her newfound loyalty to the Hawkeyes was less than favorable…..

Shippy Retweeted Carly Fiorina

When you pander so much you betray who helped make you. Who roots against their own alma mater?

About your comment… What are Hawkeyes uniform colors?

“@CarlyFiorina This is expert-level pandering. Very competent. I expect nothing less from you!”

“@CarlyFiorina Disgraceful pandering. chip in $3 for that? Think Iowans are that shallow? #disloyal”

The latest Des Moines Register/Bloomberg Politics Iowa poll taken on December 14 had Fiorina supports showing at less than 2 percent.   Based on the above Twitter responses, a late surge is highly unlikely…..