Did Paul Ryan win over the House Freedom Caucus? Not according to Dave Brat...

Rep. Dave Brat (Va.) a member of the House Freedom Caucus, submitted an article to the Washington Examiner dated October 23rd. In the article, Brat is critical of those who believe [mc_name name=’Rep. Paul Ryan (R-WI)’ chamber=’house’ mcid=’R000570′ ] won over or has the full support of the caucus.  Politico went so far as to state Ryan “conquered the Freedom Caucus.”  Brat is in obvious disagreement on this point.  From the article:

 “Shortly after Speaker Boehner announced his resignation, I (Brat) released a list of ten commitments the next Speaker and all House leaders should make — a list that former House Speaker and author of the Contract with America Newt Gingrich referred to as “a very good list” that is “well worth looking at.” These commitments are not tied to individual candidates and were made available weeks prior to Congressman Ryan’s announcement.

As candidates for Speaker entered the race, I asked each of them whether they could commit to those 10 principles — on paper. The simple reason for this is that the American people deserve some sense of what their next Speaker will do.”

The next two paragraphs from the article are, to say the least, revealing as to the mindset of Paul Ryan and where the Speaker race still is.

So far, I’ve received confirmations from several candidates, but have yet to receive a written response from Congressman Ryan.”

Congressman Ryan has rightfully noted that he does not want to submit to preconditions from any group. That is fine. But at the same time, he must give the American people some sense of the principles we can hold him to.”

Does this sound like a Speaker that the American people and members of the House can truly count on?  Not in my opinion.  It is still in the best interests of the House Freedom Caucus to hold out and wait for the right speaker candidate to emerge….and in the meantime call for Boehner to vacate the chair.