Hillary Clinton's Cronyism -- Now in Graphic Novel Form!


In Spring of 2015, Breitbart Senior Editor-at-Large Peter Schweizer (and we’ll come back to the Breitbart affiliation in a moment since Breitbart has taken such a turn of late) released a hot little number called “Clinton Cash”. It was an expose of Hillary and Bill Clinton’s tag-team success in providing political favors to foreign government leaders (many of them people you really wouldn’t want to have over for dinner) in exchange for speaking fees for Bill and donations — very, very large donations — to the Clinton Foundation and the Clinton Global Initiative. Let me admit something off the top — I have yet to read it (although it’s next on the list).

Which is partly what makes “Clinton Cash: A Graphic Novel” so brilliant. Released roughly a year later in Spring 2016, I read it in about an hour total. And it is not only fascinating and disturbing, it has a true-to-life plot that, oddly enough, is perfectly suited to the graphic novel format. It’s a must-read for anyone who defends Hillary Clinton as a paragon of virtue compared to her current opponent Donald Trump (I feel the need to reiterate, as I often do, this is not a zero sum game election. They can both be awful. And they are.) She is instead, according to Brett R. Smith’s and Chuck Dixon’s shortened retelling, the villain in Gotham. And Smith, with his background as a graphic designer for Marvel and DC Comics working on everything from The Avengers to Batman to Suicide Squad to Guardians of the Galaxy, knows what a villain looks like.

The brilliance in the retelling is that Smith and Dixon have a decent shot at getting those short-attentions span twenty somethings and millennials — and even the Gen X-ers who cut their teeth on Alan Moore and X-Men — to take another look at the cronyism of the Clintons as they prepare to vote in less than a month. This comic book character is, after all, who may be leading the country for the next four years. And she is, if the book is correct (and Schweizer’s been lauded as having hit the nail on the head), a woman less motivated by love of country and absolutely driven by personal ambition with a goal of nothing more noble than self-enrichment.

The graphic novel wraps every instance of cronyism in the story of the dereliction of duty shown by the Clinton Foundation’s “humanitarian” efforts to the hurricane ravaged Haiti, a country still awaiting the relief it was promised years ago. It’s heartbreaking. So take an hour and inform yourselves, kids. It’s an $11 Kindle download and you won’t regret it. Because you’re gonna wanna know who’s sitting in the Oval Office when things start to get weird about six months into next year. Character and personality matter.

As for Schweizer’s connection to Breitbart — a once respectable outlet that continues to Stump for Trump in a most uncomfortable and decidedly non-4th estate kind of way — it just goes to show that there can be diamonds in the coal mine. We should keep our eyes out for them during the mid-term elections.