Conservatives Can't Find A Better Man (When Pence et al Were There All Along)


Like all who lean right but do not genuflect before Trump Tower, I watched the VP debate last night in wonder, questioning why on Earth the GOP would promote a Trump over a Mike Pence (or any other solid conservative who, though flawed, understands and protects conservative policy). Clearly there are still good men and women on the Hill, fighting for the values of conservatism (and yes libertarians, I know your problems with Pence and they’re reasonable and well taken), despite what almost every one of my immediate family believes. Pence is proof of that. For a politician to remain a good man is somewhat miraculous.

And I couldn’t help but be reminded that the whole Trump “phenomenon” is nothing more than the GOP coming together hoping to advise the country into prosperity again and save it from the unquestionable scourge of the corrupt Clinton progressivism that will have us all terrified to speak anything but the approved words; have all children in some real-life bureaucratic groupthink hellscape of education that resembles the classroom scene from Pink Floyd’s “The Wall”; and have all genders fluid and flowing back and forth to suit the particular mutable daily tastes of the individual.

Perhaps that sounds a bit overwrought and paranoid. And perhaps it is. But the teamwork attempt by the GOP leadership (and if we could dispense with the silly narrative that the GOP establishment rejects Trump, that would be great. It’s an insult to everyone’s intelligence) to preserve the Republic is admirable.

And, after watching Pence last night, I think there’s a chance these guys could do it if Trump manages to get elected. I truly think they could.

But it remains to be seen — and I’m skeptical and will not be giving them my vote — if they will have that chance. Because Donald Trump reminds me of what one of my nephews (who was 5 at the time) said to some kid who was sassing him at school and trying to tell him what to do: “I don’t work for you,” hilarious punk nephew said. (I really couldn’t have been prouder when my mom relayed that story.)

And it’s cute for a 5 year old asserting his autonomy in the world of the pre-school playground. But it is not only not-cute for a 70-year-old presidential candidate to do it, it’s dangerous. But still hilarious. I’m sure all major world leaders get a good laugh out of it every day.

The Weekly Standard’s Bill Kristol put things pretty sharply into focus this morning when he tweeted this:

And we had those guys. A lot of them, in fact. One of them is currently down ticket from Donald Trump. Which is encouraging — it means they’re still there, working. And my guess is they’ve, like good conservatives, got some ideas about how they are going to block a President Hillary Clinton from inflicting the damage she’s cooking up behind the “tough-but-fair” grandma smile.

But it’s also incredibly disturbing because the people, aided and abetted by the professional conservative political operatives who saw jobs a’waiting if they could prove their loyalty, CHOSE Trump. And the professional political operatives, aided and abetted by the Newsertainment channels, SOLD Trump to them.

Which means, America, we are comfortable with a Trump to counter a Clinton (and do I need to detail the many ugly, immoral, unethical, illegal, borderline evil, and outright incompetent things she’s had a hand in?). We believe he was the thing that could defeat her (although it’s becoming clearer that this is by no means decided). And not because we’re fighting fire with fire. We, conservatives, didn’t see him as an equal. We saw him as a BETTER.

Pence, hopefully last night, put that ridiculous notion to bed. Because the only thing that really beats the ignorant fool is the informed wise man. And I think, no matter what happens in November, conservatives still have some of those left.