I am a professional copywriter… I have written many an a spot. I can no longer hold my words about the state of the union. I have whored my self selling every manner of good and service, I am not father time I am but 42 years old. I have sold my words from Canada to South America. I am responsible for provoking many to purchase products that they do not need.

 I ignored the history of the Obamas in Chicago. I thought that he might be a star in in Washington. I knew that he was but a man and thought he might take the path that would lead the country into a positive direction… I was wrong. I am a Republican but thought he would do the right things…. I was wrong. He turned out to be the monster I most feared. I know, I ignored the things that were there but had hope. It is true that hope is the rope that keeps you tied in knots. I see what I saw before and ignored … and now it has come to past. I have never been so sorry as to whom I have voted before as I now am. I know that my vote did not play a factor in his Obama’s win in Colorado, but I still am a part of his victory.

I stand truly ashamed. My father who was a lifelong Republican would have put me against the wall at my choice in the past election would be rolling in his grave. I have seen the truth and I weep at my foolish decision. I can only now testify to the truth that I see now. The truth that I saw early in 2008 but foolishly ignored My only saving grace now is to work to his one term and hope he does not destroy our country further.