Can Presidential Candidates Deal with our Complex World?

What terribly complex problems our nation faces.  More than 100 million Muslim extremists (I’m assuming only 7% of people who call themselves Muslim) are actively engaged in jihad against the west.  As many as 375 million may not be active but they condone that jihad.  Yet the majority of Muslims oppose these jihadists.  Iran has been coddled by the Obama administration and continues to work toward the capability of putting a nuclear war head on medium and long range missiles.  They are perhaps a year away from nuclear capability and don’t seem deterred by agreements into which they have entered.

Russia is now acting like the old Soviet Union in its more aggressive years, invading territories and declaring them annexed to mother Russia.

Our allies don’t trust us because Obama has given up the leadership position that the United States has held for years and has demonstrated that his word is meaningless.  Our enemies don’t fear us because Obama’s foreign policy has been but a paper tiger.

Domestically our nation’s debt is approaching $19 trillion with nothing being done to stop it.  Interest rates are about to begin rising and as they do, the cost of paying those debt payments are about to go up.  It will ultimately take everything we have got to make payments with higher interest.  The Affordable Care Act (Obamacare) has proven to be anything but affordable and is beginning to crumble as major insurance companies are opting out.

Divisions abound in our country.  Blacks against the police, claims of war against women, rich against the poor, Democrat vs Republican and all the many other divisions that have been promoted by the Obama administration.

As we choose who our next president will be, I hope our citizens will consider all of this.  With four candidates in the top tier, not all will be able to handle the mess.

Donald Trump has proven to be a great politician, saying exactly what people want to hear, things that play on their greatest fears and draw on the worst elements of our human nature.  People hear his rhetoric and say, “Yea, that’s exactly how I feel!”  Yet how effective would Trump be?  He boasts that his greatest strength is his ability to win at making deals.  The presidency isn’t a real estate business.  He lashes out venomously if anyone challenges his point of view.  He provides no detail for how he would address problems.  Instead of working to divide Islam into those who are peace-loving and those who are against us, his proposals will divide the 1.5 billion Muslims from everyone else.  He talks like a 6th grade bully.  Can anyone fathom how a Trump presidency would heal the divisions and unite America to address the problems at hand?

[mc_name name=’Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX)’ chamber=’senate’ mcid=’C001098′ ] is a popular figure.  He says all the things that conservatives want to hear.  And yet, how has he approached problems in the past?  In the US Senate he has not been a leader, rather a bit of a crybaby.  He wants what he wants and to heck with everyone else.  If people don’t follow his approach to dealing with issues he lashes out against them and works to shut down the government, even though such a shutdown would not possibly fix the problems at hand.  Would he behave in the same way as president?  Would it be “my way or the highway?”  We have suffered through 7 years of that and still have another year to go.  Could he be effective in solving some of the nation’s problems?  Perhaps, however what we have seen from him suggests that he would not be an effective leader and certainly not someone who would unite the country.

[mc_name name=’Sen. Marco Rubio (R-FL)’ chamber=’senate’ mcid=’R000595′ ] is a bright and intelligent young man.  He is knowledgeable and articulate.  When people hear him they are impressed.  However, [mc_name name=’Sen. Marco Rubio (R-FL)’ chamber=’senate’ mcid=’R000595′ ] is a professional politician.  He has spent his entire career in Florida and national politics.  Rubio’s approach to solving problems will likely be the same approach that every politician has tried, Democrat and Republican, for the last two decades:  graduated steps and political deal making.  If we look at his term in the US Senate, he really hasn’t accomplished much.  Could he be an articulate empty suit?  We are suffering through that with Obama!  What has he shown us that suggests that he would unite our country?

The fourth in the top tier is Dr. Ben Carson.  No, he’s not a politician and he hasn’t worked in government.  However, he has spent 40 years solving the most complex problems imaginable as a brain surgeon.  He hasn’t done it by himself, he has surrounded himself with the best experts that he could find.  People who have worked with him say that when he is confronted with a complex problem, he studies all aspects of it, gathers information from experts and makes a decision.  Once that decision is made he moves forward with intensity.  Carson’s training as a neurological surgeon has taught him to think three dimensionally.  No, he doesn’t like to throw out off-the-cuff answers to complex questions.  He knows that such situations require careful thought, considering the many layers of the issues and all of the potential consequences.  He spent his career working hard, 70-80 hours per week and has managed the stress of life and death surgery in ways most people can’t even imagine.  But would he unite the country?  He has reached out effectively to conservatives.  He is well known and liked by evangelicals.  He is able to talk with African American crowds and help them recognize that liberals have done nothing for them and that he will help them move up to get their share of the American dream.  He doesn’t tell them what they want to hear.  He tells them the truth and they understand it and many agree with him.  Ben Carson is the only candidate who talks about uniting the country.  He treats everyone with respect and will listen to every position.

As America faces complex challenges and deep divisions, Dr. Carson has a lot to offer.  Not only can he unite the country around solutions to those challenges, he will also stay focused on those challenges.  He will bring a fresh, non-political approach to problem-solving.