Pray for Kathleen Byham and for our Republic

I am so saddened and enraged I can barely type this.  This random, horrendous murder could have happened to any one of us.

To summarize, 45-year old Kathleen Byham was leaving a Wal-Mart in rural western New York.  An illegal Honduran going to buy cartridges for an air pistol, in order to ‘scare’ someone else, impulsively decided ‘to get out of here’ and repeatedly stabbed her in broad daylight, in order to take her car.  As she lay dying in the parking lot, he and his friends fled the area, minus the air gun and keys.

Meanwhile, our federal government that is constitutionally responsible for our safety and protection from foreign insurgents takes its own states to task for trying to do the job the feds won’t do.

This didn’t happen in Arizona or Texas.  This is not a Mexican problem.  This is not a southeastern US issue.  It is an illegal immigration issue for the entire United States.   We are under assault from foreigners and our government is doing nothing.

Illegal immigrants – that first word is key.  Our federal government needs to enforce the laws NOW.  Take away the jobs by enforcing the sanctions against employers.  Empower local law enforcement to assist in enforcement – they know where the illegals live and work. Just as local departments get a cut of the fines when they enforce state vehicle laws, give them an incentive to rid their counties of illegals.  There is money in congressional budgets to support many causes that are constitutionally questionable – this one wouldn’t be.  Take away the benefits – check out how Alabama’s laws helped with the problem even before they took effect.

You want to come into this country?  Get in line.  Learn about our American history.  Learn English.  Keep your heritage, religion and traditions that are legal here, but respect the ones held by those here before you.  We want people here who will work, pay taxes and better themselves by their own perseverance.   If you don’t like them apples, then get out or don’t show up in the first place.

RIP Kathleen Byham.  May your brutal murderer get justice.  May your family and friends find solace in the beautiful person you were for your time on this earth.  And may our Republic survive against this assault on our  citizens.