Add one more flip to Nov 2 elections

The New York State Senate has flipped back to the Republicans… finally.  While a legal challenge is still in the works, this looks very good for New York.

Craig Johnson (D) has said he will appeal the judge certification of the election, claiming his loss by 451 out of over 85,000 votes cast needs a hand recount. With new voting machines in use in all of New York this election, forcing a hand recount will set the stage for very contentious, drawn-out elections from here on in.

A few days ago, Democrat Antoine Thompson conceded to Mark Grisanti in a district where no Republican even ran two years ago.

This is GREAT news for New York.  This will make a huge difference in the redistricting outcome, as New York is likely to lose two congressional seats.  The Republicans now hold a very slim 32-30 majority.  But this Senate win will at least let them sit at the table.

The election last month saw the most congressional flips of any state – six total.  This makes New York a little less blue.  Before the election, 2 of 29 delegates were Republican.  The new congress will now have 8 of 29 delegates from the R’s.  That, and the NY Senate flip, gives me hope that we still can change New York.