Candidate threatened with knife - news at 11 (not!)

Republican candidate for Congressional district NY-28, Dr. Jill Rowland, was threatened by a man with a knife Wednesday night, during a campaign round table.   According to her Gateway Pundit and her facebook page someone called 911and the man was arrested a short time later.  A search revealed he had an open utility knife on his person.

I can understand it not making Wednesday’s 11 PM news, as it happened around 10 PM.  However, I was baffled as to why it didn’t hit any of the news circuits yesterday.  After all, we all heard about the horrible violence that took place against Dr. Rowland’s opponent earlier this year, during the health care debates.  Congresswoman Louise ‘deem it passed’ Slaughter’s office had a brick thrown through it.

A broken window is reasonable cause for making national news.  I’m waiting to see what an apparent actual threat to a PERSON will cause.