Wanna Know Where The Tea Party Is? Just Ask Dick Lugar!

Serendipity: A happy chance or accident. Precisely the opposite of what happened to Senator Dick Lugar last Tuesday in Indiana. At the risk of being redundant, I wrote at the time of the 2010 elections that it wasn’t over ’til it’s over, but that the American Tea Party Patriots had put a new face on American politics.

I said that the ‘Republicans-in-name-only’, the ones not voted out in the 2010 sweep of the US House of Representatives, were not the only ones who had to look to their seats in the upcoming 2012 primaries, House and Senate races. I’ve also commented on the not inconsiderable number of House and Senate members who, having seen the hand-writing on the wall, have announced that they would not seek re-election in the upcoming contests. Thus far, it looks like five Democrats, three Republicans and one ‘independent’ have stated they will not seek re-election. There are thirty two members of the House who are dropping out.

Don’t buy the ‘lame-at-best’ excuse that redistricting is responsible. I said that we were going on a RINO hunt after the election. There is ample evidence that this is just what has occurred. Conservative challengers have cropped up all over the nation, despite the overwhelming monetary and organizational advantages of both the DeMarxists and the Republican establishment, whose wrong-headed choices may be, in large part, responsible for the rise of the Tea Party itself.

It’s striking that we have to run against our own side while defeating the true enemy. But rise we have, with Patriot citizen candidates all over the country, from school boards to state capitols and beyond, challenging DeMarxists who, in even heavily leftist entrenched districts, are looking over their shoulders… even the thickest, most out of touch of them, sensing the darkening mood of the nation.

Look what happened in Wisconsin, for instance. The unions were so certain they’d take out Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker, in the recall elections initiated by them, that they spent millions of dollars to destroy Walker… and none of it worked. Walker actually looks like he’s gained strength and momentum coming out of the Republican primary. The point is that these are Tea Party candidates who are making their presence felt at all levels of the political spectrum.

We could be witnessing the beginning of the death of liberalism as we know it. We may also be witnessing the beginning of a whole new Republican brand… The Patriot brand.

Happy retirement, Dick.

Semper Vigilans, Semper Fidelis

© Skip MacLure 2012