Notes From The Kitchen Table.

Flushed with victory from my latest convert to conservatism (another citizen saved from the perdition of liberalism), my thoughts turn to the task at hand. That task is the complete and utter destruction of the Marxist/Leninist plague that is the regime of Barack Hussein Obama.

We as patriots know well, maybe better than anyone else, how fragile our freedoms are. We also know that this country cannot survive another four years of the filth and corruption that is the Obama government. Every day brings new revelations of gross irresponsibility, malfeasance in office, outrage after outrage against the institutions and the citizens of this great republic.

The stories we’ve watched play out over the last three plus years are a tapestry of abject failure… a monument to a failed ideology. The parade of malefactors would be comical if it wasn’t so tragic. The rot starts at the top, at the very top, and like rot has worked its way through every level of this government. It’s miscalculation of the greatest order at the absolute highest levels of our government, by an entire class of incompetents on both sides of the political aisle… the DeMarxists on one side and the establishment Repubics on the other. One desperate to retain what power they have left to enslave, the other desperate to maintain a status quo that has been rejected by the great majority of the citizen-patriots of this nation.

Yes, I am referring to the ‘Grand Old Party’, who once again has preempted the will of the greatest of their number and gotten away with it. It’s burned as many patriots as it could. The Republican ‘establishment’ spent one heck of a lot more time and treasure working directly against our conservative candidates than it ever spent attacking Barack Obama. Instead, it turned on our own… attacking them each in turn until, due in large part to his own carpet-bombing negative ads against each candidate in turn, Mitt Romney stands alone as the presumptive nominee. He knows full well that his tactics have fractured the so-called Reagan coalition. He has to make big tracks to both salve injuries given and to convince us, the Tea Party Patriots, that he will govern as a constitutional conservative.

I don’t get to read all of our comments, but there was one comment from a reader that caught my eye. It was regarding his bent feelings about being faced with having to vote for a Romney presidency, and further stating that he might just have to stay home. I don’t know if the gentleman was a plant… we get our share. But for any patriot to make such a statement, in the face of the real and present danger represented by Barack Hussein Obama, borders on one of two things… stupidity or lunacy.

Speaking of the kitchen table, it’s a great place for conversation. I talk to a lot of the young men that are my son’s friends. By and large, they are eager for the information on current events and the foundation of the Republic in the Declaration, the Constitution and the Bill of Rights. These guys, mostly in their early 20s, are surprisingly receptive to the message of freedom.

I’m not relating this to toot my own horn but to illustrate that no matter where you are, or who you are, you can carry the message and you must. Each and every one of you are going to have to become the guardians of our freedoms, just as surely as that ragged band of men kept the faith at Valley Forge, at Bunker Hill, and at hundreds of times and places where Americans have been asked to stand. And stand we will.

Across this country, Tea Party Patriots have been putting forth conservative candidates at local, state and national level. Has anybody looked at how many Democrats have resigned rather than face the voters in the upcoming elections? Not only Democrats, but a number of RINOs are under fire by conservative Tea Party challengers. These races are vitally important to restoring this nation in a post-Obama presidency. Contact your local Tea Party Patriot group to find out who is running in your local election and support them all you are able. These are the grass roots, this is where the battle will be won.

Semper Vigilans, Semper Fidelis

© Skip MacLure 2012