Obama In The Backblast.

It’s ironic how quickly events can turn. MaoBama and the DNC goon squad were preparing what they thought to be a devastating attack against our presumptive presidential candidate, Mitt Romney, by attacking his wife and attempting to discredit and marginalize her. In order to accomplish this end, they trotted out the usual assortment of worn-out hacks to demean a lady who has more class in her little fingernail than the entire DeMarxist establishment combined.

The assault was headed by a long-term DeMarxist lesbian activist, whose own ‘marriage’ and subsequent divorce left their adopted twins with a broken home. This ‘expert’ on domesticity and the lives and perils of the American working mother is just another in a long line of DeMarxist over-reach, which has blown up in Obama’s lying face.

Nothing happens in the Obama circus by accident, and this latest most vicious scheme is no exception. Both MaoBama and his co-president Mooch-elle have their fingers very tightly around the strings that control the party apparatchiks. It’s becoming increasingly difficult for either of them to distance themselves from the disgusting depredations of their minions.

The American people have been brutalized by this bunch for over three years now, and our tolerance level for Obama’s brand of acrimony is very thin. In a previous article, I explained that “walking into the backblast” is a term we used in the Marine Corps for doing something really stupid and careless. We had several weapons that used the back blast of the weapon to reduce recoil. Standing in the ‘blast cone’ could be a very dicey experience… and one you’d not be likely to repeat.

Barack Obama doesn’t profit from experience, and neither does his government. Blinded by an ideology that 80% of Americans reject entirely, Obama’s regime could not exist without the slavish support of the Lame Stream Media and the backing of the unions that have purchased the DeMarxists outright.

Mitt Romney is going to be our guy. I said from the beginning that Romney was not my first choice. I also said that I would support the choice of the party, no matter who that person would be. The end game is, and must be, the total defeat of Barack Obama and his communist cohorts.

Mitt Romney has a great asset in his wife, Ann. It was foolish in the extreme to attack her… not only a dedicated housewife and mother of five children, but a cancer survivor and a victim of MS, as well. Her husband is a self-made man whose personal accomplishments absolutely eclipse anything done by our president, whose greatest claim to fame is being a ‘guest lecturer’ and community rabble-rouser.

Today, 4/15, is ‘Taxed Enough Already Day‘. Yesterday, Tea Party Patriots all over the country came together to make our voices heard. You won’t find much of this covered by Obama’s media stable. It was, however, the ‘shot heard around the world’ by the American people, who are thoroughly disgusted with the destruction of our American way of life and the economy that drives it.

It’s time for all conservatives to step up and support our nominee. It’s your country and it’s up to every single one of you to fight for her survival as a free republic.

Semper Vigilans, Semper Fidelis

© Skip MacLure 2012