MaoBama And The House Of Cards… Redux.

You told us in your multitude of yammering, meaningless phrases from your legions of slavish media symbionts that you and your Utopian schemes were inevitable… that we, the American people, the backbone of this greatest nation state in the history of the world, just needed to step away and genuflect before your brilliance and soaring rhetoric. We’ve had three really miserable years to attest for the magnitude of the error of electing you, Barack Hussein Obama. It’s an error we will correct very soon.

I wrote about Obama and his nearly delusional “House of Cards” some time ago. I get lost in the archives so I won’t bother to try and say when. But let’s just say my prognostications were frighteningly accurate. I guess you could say I was one of the deniers, one of those who had vetted our Imperial Majesty before his immaculation (thanks, Rush). What I saw frankly alarmed the hell out of me. The persistent Utopianist and redistributionist themes that ran through everything Obama did made me want to scream, “Open your eyes, you fools. The enemy is at the gates and the watchers are asleep”. I guess I have Barack Hussein to thank for this column, though. Without the dire threat he represents it may not have existed. It took considerable convincing on Dee’s (my editor) part, as it was.

You’ll be glad to know that MaoBama’s mad world is no less delusional than before. Much more so really, though now there’s a hint of desperation and not a little paranoia. As out of touch as the leftist radicals, their surrogates in the media and the unions are with the true mood of the nation, it’s no surprise that they had written off the Patriot Movement. The ‘Tea Partiers’ were a momentary phenomenon of 2010 and now, scattered and powerless, could be disregarded.

Of all the many mistakes that Obama and the goon squad have made (and they are legion), the fundamental misreading of the voices and the mood of the country is going to be the sword which will hamstring Obama’s Communist Utopian America dreams. The Supreme Court can never be taken for granted, but last week had a few surprises that just absolutely took MaoBama and his Attorney General, with all sails, aback… if not dismasted altogether.

The academic pinheads of the MaoBama regime had been sure that the Supremes would take the tack that it was a done deal and not examine the issue too deeply, and then accede to the reality of a government-enforced mandate. That rosy glow lasted about one word into Justice Kennedy’s opening statement and it was downhill from there. It was very entertaining listening to the lames of the Obama lapdog kennel trying to spin it into anything but the disaster it was… and it played out on camera for the entire nation to see.

It ain’t over until they bring on the fat lady, but it looks and feels a whole hell of a lot like at least a few on the Supreme Court remembered that the Constitution and its guarantees are the reason for their existence.

Yes, it’s Obama’s house of cards and it’s beginning to sway precariously. Don’t take your attention off Obama for a second. Desperate and paranoid he may be, but ever more dangerous for that. I do feel that he’s really capable of anything and that’s exactly why we, as American Tea Party Patriots, must be ever more vigilant for it.

Semper Vigilans, Semper Fidelis

© Skip MacLure 2012