Article In Search Of A Title.

It’s not that I don’t have ideas for article titles. There’s certainly no dearth of material out there. Which, in part, brings me to the subject, which is that it doesn’t matter where I look, nationally, locally, or globally, events scream for attention. I want to fire off articles on each and every one of them.

We are living in very perilous times… far more perilous than most people realize. There is the imminent threat of war in the middle east. Despite Obama the Betrayer doing his very best to prevent Israel from acting in its own best interest (read ‘survival’) by attacking the country whose sworn goal is the destruction of Israel and the murder of every man, woman and child. Iran must be stopped. There’s no equivocating it. We know that Barack MaoBama, despite all the tough words around his mouth, does not have the courage or the leadership to attack Iran and end her nuclear ambitions. In fact, many feel that Obama would rather see Israel destroyed. Perhaps, so does Israel. And no, they won’t give us or anyone else warning.

Could you imagine entrusting the jihadist-penetrated White House with Israeli state secrets? Or the increasingly politicized panty-waist chair-warmers at Obama’s Pentagon? Obama recently reversed his order that denied Israeli access to in-flight refueling. It wasn’t for his love of Israel, you may rest assured. It may, however, give him an excuse to piggyback his way into the Iran affair and come riding in behind the truly massive US firepower concentrated in the Mediterranean off of Iran and the US troops reported to be staging in the area. He will then be able to boast  once again, taking credit for the efforts of others as he has so often done.

This nation has never been in as much real danger as it now finds itself. We’re in a daily war for the soul of our county against forces who would see us enslaved and our country in everlasting darkness. Sounds almost apocalyptic, doesn’t it? Historians are fond of citing stories of world-altering events. It’s what we would call 20-20 hindsight. It’s much scarier and more vivid when we’re living these events. It’s easy to imagine the fear and unease that must have permeated the lives of those living in Europe in the years just prior to World War 2.

There’s plenty of unease to go around here, in our country. We have a government in power whose only goal is the destruction of our way of life… with the unholy alliance between the avowed Marxists of Barack Hussein Obama’s government, the craven, unprincipled symbionts of the so-called main stream media, and the equally unprincipled labor unions to which Obama is beholden.

We have an ’economic recovery’ which is not. Academic theoreticians lauding fractional increases in unemployment and meaningless statistical nonsense while 44 million Americans have either dropped off the unemployment radar or are underemployed. American business is reeling from the absolute onslaught of Barack Maobama’s extra-constitutional regulatory oppression. Our energy sector and our military are equally under assault by our would-be dictator. Pretty grim picture, is it not?

We, as Americans, have the power to change this. Our focus, our only focus, has to be the defeat of the Obama Marxist machine.

Semper Vigilans, Semper Fidelis

© Skip MacLure 2012