Obama’s Economy – Defending The Indefensible.

I wouldn’t want to be in Barack Hussein Obama’s shoes. So many lies to keep track of and far too many ‘little’ people willing to point them out. The Lame Stream Press has done an incredible job of contorting themselves into knots while running cover for the regime. It isn’t flying… at least, the regime’s aerodynamic qualities at this point are more akin to a balloon filled with lead… or gasoline.

Speaking of volatility, have you noticed the upsurge in ‘citizen journalists’ who have been taking the case for freedom and constitutional governance directly into the faces of some of the most rabid of the left wing Kool-Aid crowd? It’s a growing phenomenon which I, for one, am delighted to see. I don’t know who determined that journalists had to have some sort of ‘credentials’ to make them legitimate. The supposed ‘credentialed’ writers, pundits and talking (read ‘yammering’) heads, have failed miserably to make their case for MaoBama and his statist Utopian pipe dreams (and rumor has it that there’s plenty of that going on in Obama’s White House, as well).

Most of us had parents who taught us at a very young age that lying was wrong, that once you tell a lie you have to tell another to keep from having the first lie exposed. What’s more, when you do tell that lie, no one looks at you the same way  and that it’s very difficult, or impossible, to regain lost trust.

The American people are exhibiting a severe case of buyer’s remorse and it’s no surprise… at least, not to me. We’ve been getting an overdose of absolute bull bleep for the last four years from our nascent emperor and every single entity associated with him. Let’s be clear that we’re not talking about the usual truth-bending that’s associated with American politics. Political endeavors in particular seem to attract numbers of low creatures, attracted like moths to the flame of power and influence. It is, after all, up to us as informed citizens to winnow the wheat from the chaff. Obviously, we’ve been asleep at that switch for some time.

The liberal left in particular seem to thrive in this atmosphere of unreality. A surreal world where nothing is as it appears and you are asked to deny the very evidence of your eyes and ears, while having the very fabric of our society ripped asunder to fulfill the nightmare of socialist governance run amok. Barack MaoBama is running across the country spouting bald-faced lie after lie, in desperate efforts to shift attention from his completely failed presidency.

Paradoxically, Andrew Breitbart’s untimely passing has had a galvanizing effect on America’s grass roots journalists, each of whom has the potential to be a harpoon aimed at the heart of the MaoBama house of cards. The beautiful thing about this is that there’s no one around to tell these dedicated citizen-journalists that it can’t be done. They’re not out there at the beck and call of the administration’s agit-prop campaign and they’re not beholden to anyone’s network bosses or political machinery.

It’s conservatism on the march, and it’s just another indication that all is not well in Obamaville, no matter what fantasy story line they come up with. It’s Obama’s economy. It stinks… and there’s not enough lipstick to stick on that pig that’s going to make it look like anything but pork.

Semper Vigilans, Semper Fidelis

© Skip MacLure 2012

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