The Volt, And Other Energy Fairy Tales.

Some are calling Barack Hussein Obama’s declared war on American energy his greatest liability. I agree. He has, in fact, a plethora of liabilities… few of which have been exploited by the very people who would depose our nascent imperial Presidenté.

That’s a story soon to be played out in the last days of the Republican primary race. I’m appalled at the timidity displayed by the Republican Party in general. Time and time again, the supposed gurus of the establishment have been wrong. “Oh!” they bleat, “don’t attack Barack Hussein, that will surely turn blacks and illegal aliens against us… women will flock to Obama’s banner in a reflexive spasm of misplaced identity politics”. Nonsense. Nothing can be farther from reality. Obama is badly damaged goods. The American people have been watching with an intensity that makes MaoBama’s leftists extremely nervous.

Obama has placed himself and his regime in an untenable position… providing that there are Conservative Republicans who will throw off the ‘official’ Repubic policy of not attacking Obama directly on his policies. His intent is nothing more, nor less, than the destruction of the American Republic and the freedoms for which it stands. MaoBama and his ‘academic’ leftists know full well that the fastest route to total subjugation of the American people is through relentless assaults against the energy sectors of our nation.

Without power we cannot produce. Ultimately, without power the country itself is at risk. If there were a world-wide conflict and we had to mobilize, a la World War Two, we’d be crippled. I cannot shake the conviction that this is part and parcel of MaoBama’s war on energy. By both training and inclination, I’m in the habit of examining issues from every angle. No matter how I turn Obama’s energy policies, they don’t add up to anything other than the repudiation of all things American in favor of his Marxist/Leninist Utopian pipe dream.

Take the ‘Volt’, for example… and you may have to because General ObaMao Motors Chevrolet division can’t give the damned useless piles of junk away at any price… except for orders from the government itself. “Whoopee!, look everyone, we sold one”… or the odd wealthy liberal desperate to display his enviro creds.

Like everything the left does, it does without regard to common sense or factual reality, depending instead on soaring rhetoric and emotional appeal to the lowest possible common denominators of our society… the takers as opposed to the innovators.

Whether it’s the auto industry being forced to develop vehicles no one wants and for which there is no market, or his misadministration’s touting of solar and wind generated power for the masses, and the resultant massive failure of both… it makes no difference. Obama does not wish these ill-conceived energy concepts to succeed, aside from the now obvious failures these industries have exhibited to the nation and the world.

MaoBama’s policies have won him no friends among the very people he depends on for his re-election. Talk to the miners in the Appalachians, or to the tens of thousands of people who are dependent on coal-fired generating plants for their power. See the economic devastation visited upon the oil-producing gulf states by Obama’s recalcitrance. His denial of a previously approved pipeline project which would ultimately generate ten thousand or more jobs. He then has the unmitigated chutzpah to go in front of the American people and lie through his eyeteeth about his administration’s approval of drilling permits that were, in fact, passed during George Bush’s watch.

So then, the question begs… Just when are the supposed conservatives, who are begging for our votes, going to stop the circular political sideshow and go after Obama… calling him what he is… a failed president and an energy charlatan of historical proportions?

Semper Vigilans, Semper Fidelis

© Skip MacLure 2012

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