MaoBama And the Grand Shell Game.

I once watched a couple of confidence men do a shakedown using walnut shells. They were slick… and evilly dishonest. Even at my young age (ninth grade) I was able to recognize the scam. Some of my friends were all about jumping in and betting on a ‘sure thing’… and they got fleeced right along with the con-men’s original ‘marks’.

It was a valuable lesson I was never to forget. My natural skepticism was reinforced by the earthy realism of my grandparents, who were grounded in experience garnered during two world wars with a worldwide depression thrown in for garnish. The message was always the same. If it sounds too good to be true, it is. So, like the con-men in my youth, the ‘Mark’ has to convince himself that the confidence game is reality.

It’s unfortunate that there’s something in the human psyche that leads some of us to seek an ‘easier, softer way’. These individuals are seen as the legitimate prey of those who would take advantage of ill-informed or uneducated people for the acquisition of personal power and wealth. Often, the victims of these crimes have to have a willingness to dismiss the evidence of their own senses.

We are witnessing the greatest shell game in history. The left has been on the march to totalitarianism since Friedrich Engels abandoned the teachings of his upper-middle class parents and the protestant church. His atheistic views alarmed his strongly Methodist parents to the point where his mother wrote him a letter in 1848, telling him that ‘He had gone too far’. This was the year Engels was to collaborate with Marx in creating the ‘Communist Manifesto’. Marx was another zealot ‘child of privilege’, convinced that they had a mandate to change the world in their image. The nineteenth and twentieth centuries were rife with such fanatical zealotry and we have had two world wars, the Korean War, Vietnam, Iraq and Afghanistan to prove it.

For my part, there’s not a bad nickel’s worth of difference between the Marxist, Leninist, Saul Alinsky philosophy being preached by MaoBama and the cabal of looney-tunes he has surrounded himself with… and the even more pernicious Islamo-fascist dream of a worldwide sharia-driven caliphate, in which our first (and last) Muslim president pictures himself as the long awaited Mahdi who will arise from the flames of world-wide chaos to lead the masses to Nirvana. It’s the shell game on a universal game board. You’ll never find the pea and there is never a payoff… only grinding penury and hopelessness.

There is no more important task before us, as American patriots, than the complete and total defeat of Barack Hussein Obama and his allies, regardless of what side of the globe they come from.
Unite with us in this historical effort.

Semper Vigilans, Semper Fidelis

© Skip MacLure 2012