Romney Can’t Articulate A Message To Beat MaoBama.

Why is that Republicans and far, far too many people who lay a claim to conservatism just can’t see that Mr Milquetoast Romney is just another in a long line of failures engineered by the establishment Repubics. While Romney is holding forth with vapid generalities, which incidentally seem to have been the hallmark of his political career, Obama is honing his carving knife getting ready to fillet Mr Milquetoast over his Romneycare which is, as has been faithfully reported, the template for MaoBama’s slave-state.

Then there’s the entire shopping list of Mitt Romney’s left-of-center propensities. Everyone seems to have given Romney a pass on his totally liberal stand on most issues. This is a graphic illustration of the ‘blinders’ that seem to be standard issue for the Repubics of the Rockefeller, Ford, Dole, Bush, Rove wing of the Republican Party. While we’re at it, let us not forget that awe-inspiring failure John McCain, another entitlement pick of the Beltway entrenched establishment.

I can vividly recall realizing my disappointment when my misgivings about George W. Bush were realized. I, like many other American conservatives, knew he was anything but conservative… but hoped for the best even when we saw Bush presiding over an out-of-control big government Congress who was doing its best to outspend any liberal government. Earmarks and government largesse were falling like rain.

It’s sad that no matter how many times the Repubics (thanks, Mark Levin) get their clocks cleaned the same way, by the same liberals, doing the same damn thing over and again, they just can’t make the intellectual leap that conservative principles work. Each and every time they are employed they resonate with the American people who are, by nature, conservative.

So now we’re full circle, with Mr Milquetoast as our ‘presumptive’ nominee. His list of ‘moderate’ qualifications would gladden the heart of any liberal. Zbigniew Mazurak, writing in the American Spectator, made this telling statement, “Mitt Romney is nothing more than a strident liberal masquerading as a conservative”.

The list of Romney flips is impressive… if you’re a liberal. He was a registered Democrat who supported Paul Tsongas in 1992. He was stridently pro-abortion. How many murders of the unborn did you preside over, Mitt? His support of the second amendment is wishy-washy at best. He’s a believer in anthropogenic global warming. Puts him right there with the green communists… how cozy. The list goes on and on. Needless to say, Romneycare is right at the top of the list and is the harpoon with which Obama will end his presidential aspirations.

The glaring realization that, once again, we have a moderate to liberal Republican running is disheartening in the extreme. It ain’t over ’til it’s over, but if Americans fall for this same bullbleep routine again it’s going to have only one result… another four years of Obama and his Maoist governance and sadly, just possibly, the end of freedom in the United States.

Semper Vigilans, Semper Fidelis

© Skip MacLure 2012