Walking Into The Back Blast.

A ‘back blast’ is the blast cone behind certain weapons that utilize the back blast to minimize recoil. ‘Walking into your own back blast’ is a term for just plain stupidity. When I was in the Marine Corps, walking behind a 106 recoilless rifle would get you dead if you were close, or just knock you on your ass and maybe blow out your eardrums from about 15 to 30 feet away. Not a smart move.

ABC and, by association, all of the DNC/Administration surrogates of the Lame Stream press may have stepped in it with the brazenly timed, extremely shallow interview with Newt Gingrich’s ex-wife of some eighteen years, Marianne. Naturally, as with all of these DeMarxist straw horses, they posit all of these things as fact when, in fact, almost all of these Marxist publicity stunts turn out to have back stories they aren’t anxious to have see the light of day.

Marianne has given several interviews along the same lines over the years. I’m not going to say she is an embittered, spiteful woman venting her spleen once again. However, you have to question the very fact that she agreed to the interview in the first place with a network who, at the behest of their Marxist masters, timed the interview at the precise moment that, in their sick judgment, gave them the best chance of destroying Newt Gingrich… just as he rightly begins to surge in North Carolina.

All of us know divorced people… it’s a sad commentary on our times. Many of us also have friends on both sides of these broken marriages, and it seems like there’s always one who, for whatever reason, can never let go and move on with their lives. Marianne strikes me as this type of person, given her history of willingness to hang out the family laundry. Now we find out that the network stalked her for a couple of months… bottom feeding their way to a smear on Newt?

Enter the back blast. The aforementioned bottom feeders have brutally excoriated Conservative after Conservative, in their desperate need to defend the indefensible Barack Obama. Part of that is our own fault. The self-proclaimed, non-existent Republican establishment has been working in full time overdrive to convince the nation of the inevitability of their milquetoast moderate Mitt Romney, arguably the author of Obamacare with his Massachusetts Romneycare which, of and by itself, gives all Conservatives serious pause.

Hang on to your hats, folks. Newt has a damned good chance of winning South Carolina and his message is beginning to resonate across the country. The backlash which is hitting the Lame Stream Media is more than richly deserved. The sheer volume of lies and prevarication, with which they have attempted to suborn the truth for their Marxist masters, has finally reached the tipping point. They may have propelled the one guy to victory that they absolutely, unequivocally don’t want to run against their welfare state boss… not only in South Carolina but in the Republican primaries as a whole.

I like Newt’s fire and the intense focus he brings to the critical issues facing this nation. We need a fighter and not a milquetoast hack like Mitt Romney, constantly parroting the establishment line. Rick Santorum is a nice guy with solid Conservative values, but he’s not the guy for this time and this place.

Remember, the aim is the destruction of Barack Hussein Obama and his entire regime. Just like Newt said… “I want to knock him out”.

Semper Vigilans, Semper Fidelis

© Skip MacLure 2012