GOP… In Absentia.

What is it that the Washington Republican establishment and the DeMarxists of Barack Hussein Obama’s regime have in common with one another? Status quo. The Marxi-Socialists attempting to enslave this free country of free people strongly wish to maintain the status quo of their Marxist Chief, Barack Obama. The Beltway-Georgetown ‘insider’ Republicrats, on the other hand, have an agenda altogether different.

The tenacity with which the Washington Republican establishment has sought to control and direct the Republican primary process has not gone unnoticed by Americans, and it appears to be backfiring. Not that you’d know it by the mindless bleatings of the Lame Stream Press. There’s an awful lot of noise out there regarding Mitt Romney (the GOP establishment presumed candidate), the man the LSM and the Obama camp would like to run against.

Almost every average polling result shows President Obama beating Romney. Okay, that explains why the lefties are enamored of the too smooth and somewhat oily Mr. Romney. On the other hand, there’s good reason Mitt can’t get out of the twenties.

Conservatives don’t trust Romney. We see him for what he is. An opportunistic politician who, at one or more points in his career, has flipped on every major issue in the Conservative playbook. He started his career as a pro-choice liberal. Recent forays into what he calls Conservatism lack conviction.

Tear into his as-yet-to-be-stated immigration policy, and you’ll see someone who is fatally flawed on the whole question of illegal immigration. He mouths platitudes about illegals returning to their homes of origin to line up awaiting the issuance of ‘green cards’.

Mr. Romney has no intention of going around the country rousting felons who have broken the most fundamental law of our land. In addition, notice his language. He sticks assiduously to the oft-repeated liberal saw that there are some eleven million illegals presently residing in this country… most of whom are obtaining a plethora of goodies paid for by the citizens of America, thanks to many other pandering politicos just like Mitt Romney. America is a country built by immigrants, legal immigrants who came here to this land of freedom to become American.

The GOP is pushing Romney because he’s the most likely candidate to maintain the party status quo. They also think he may enable them to win the Senate away from Obama and the Marxists. This gives an insight to the way the inside the beltway mind works. The Repubics, sad to say, are so wrapped in their own arrogance that they in fact would not mind being faced with another four years of Barack Hussein Obama and his DeMarxist drive to destroy and enslave this country… if winning the Senate would mean a return to the cushy committee assignments and chairmanships of the good ol’ glory days of George Bush. They could then, in fact, become the do-nothing Congress while luxuriating in the power and greed that access to unlimited largesse brings. In this way, the Repubics have control without having to do anything.

Mitt Romney is a hip, slick and cool sort of politician. He is not to be trusted. Conservatives know it… that’s why he can’t break out of the low twenties. The establishment GOP has made the conscious decision to align themselves with the enemies of our way of life and the Constitution. They have placed themselves directly in the path of the Conservative Tea-Party juggernaut which has been quietly organizing out in the states and communities.

So, to the Karl Roves and George Wills out there… to all of the beltway pundits who have been wrong time after time… you’re going to get your lunch fed to you, and it’s going to be the Tea Party that does it.

Semper Vigilans, Semper Fidelis

© Skip MacLure 2011